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Georgia Guitar Quartet


Kyle Dawkins- guitar, banjo

Brian Smith- 7 string guitar

Phil Snyder- guitar, cello

Jason Solomon- guitar, harmonica


An often surprising offer from a quartet new to me. Here’s a quick rundown: 

“Prelude”- In which nimble insects run lightly over guitar strings not making random sounds but refreshing ones. 

“Flight”- A pleasurable back-and-forth between guitar pizzicato “verse” and Spanish “chorus.” What Penguin Café might be doing if they were still around.  

“Piece One”- The seductive rain of early minimalism. It could get you out of a hangover and more besides. 

“Pan”- What the group calls a “structured improvisation,” it succeeds in its own delicate way.  

“Piece Two”- Minimalism again, it seems it ascend and descend at the same time. 

Summing up: Pretty and often engaging, but it needs more grit and tension. This is mostly B work and I look forward to their A work. They need to work against their delicateness more than they do.  




Richard Grooms