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Greg Foster & Joel Futterman - “Alabama”


Greg Foster - Poetry

Joel Futterman - Piano, curved soprano saxophone and flute


“At the center of this group of compositions stands “Alabama Exequy,” a long poem whose theme gives title to the whole work.  The poem enacts a ritual grief: shock, anguish, fury, the vision of justice, and the hope of peace.”  It regards the ever continuing problem of racism.  The remaining pieces on this release brings to the listener a melancholic drama which is accentuated by the crescendo and silencing of the piano and other instruments played by Futterman.

Foster, a poet since the ‘60s, has worked with the likes of Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, etc.  His beat poetry has been compared to that of Jack Kerouac with a razor sharp edge.  Joel Futterman has performed with noted jazz names such as Jimmy Lyons, Roland Kirk, etc.  Foster prefers performing live, feeling akin with the improvisational nature of jazz - this recording is the first time Foster’s poetry has been captured beyond the confines of the stage. - Robin Taylor

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