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Massimo Rossi, alto & saxophones, Rosella Cangini, voice Carlo Actis Dolo, baritone sax & bass clarinet  Federico Marchesano, double bass & el. bass

A CD in from "centro musica creativo".  Well, creative it most certainly IS! I particularly enjoyed the wierd combinations of voice & reeds performed by Rosella. This music is high-energy horn based pandemonium - but not the "screech & whistle" kind. Well formed sounds, complete interactions that form an enchanting mix that's hard to resist. Those with (any) difficulty understanding how light and shadow affect aural images may also find this more of a challenge than they can deal with, but those who thirst for talent unbounded will certainly thrive. These folks are clearly in love with freedom in music, improvising from the first bar to the last. I can (now) see why my friend Amy Denio loves Italia so much... on second thought, she PROBABLY had much to DO with this level of creativity occurring. In a sense, comparisons with her more poignant vocal works are certainly in order. In the overall, a fantastic musical experience that gives the listener an equal mix of each player's broad skill range. Gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me.

-Rotcod Zzaj

Mossimo Rossi Mazzini 32-10080
Rivara, Italy


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