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Abbey Rader- drums, perc.
Billy Bang-


I first saw Billy Bang 11 years ago when he was in my town playing with the Sun Ra Arkestra. He stood out in that band, which is saying a lot. This is the first of his solo albums I’ve heard and it’s a humdinger. His puckish, gutsy bluesy electric violin is thrilling. The bass sounds are always there or implied. He doesn’t get into his head too much like so many improv guys. He keeps himself always rooted in the best kind of way. And yet he incorporates 20th Century classical compositional techniques into his mix. Rader is fully his match. He’s across the spectrum, exciting, a killer. At times reminiscent of Billy Higgins, he’s got his own sound and is a corker. See these guys live and watch them tear the roof off the sucker like jazz seldom does anymore. This cd confirms that they’re at the top of their collective game.

                                                  Richard Grooms

Abray CD0055-2


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