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Radio Reverie in the Waiting Place

Eric Leonardson


Nonconformist, free-thinking inventor Eric Leonardson presents a musical tour de force in the seven pieces of this 62 minute CD. He uses tape, analog synthesizer, television and radio, turntables, field recordings, an invented electroacoustic instrument called the Springboard, bass guitar, sampler, computer and other digital effects processing equipment to produce a music that is ephemeral yet in a way that is catchy and (in some parts) almost danceable. 

His Springboard instrument is featured on this CD. This is a percussion instrument that is a collection of springs, combs, grills, and various metal surfaces mounted on a board and walker frame. The sound is recorded and run through various effects processing equipment.  

Here you will find washes of sonic ambiance combined with compellingrythmic soloing. Field recordings and found sound collage provide atheatrical flavor. The musical travels between mesmerizing and explosive. My guess is that he improvises locally but composes globally. 

The artwork (by Carol Genetti) of the CD features B&W photos (the cover is of Eric playing the Springboard) of invented instruments and art installations overlaid with strange lineart of a typographic and typological nature.  

In his liner notes, he lists Xennakis, Cage, and Musicworks magazine as influences. Nice.

                                              -Glenn Engstrand


Eric Leonardson

Not in the Family Records
Innocent Eyes & Lenses
Suite 127, P.O. Box 4505
Oak Park, IL 60303-4505



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