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Chris McCann-Billy Pierce Trio


Chris McCann, drums
Billy Pierce, Tenor & Soprano sax
Steve Wallace - bass


McCann's drums shine on this CD in from Creative Improvised Music projects. There's no slouchin' from the saxes or backin' off on th' bass, either! From the standpoint of improv, however, the focus seems to be on Pierce's sax playing... not that that's a "bad" thing; but (at times), it's almost like he's the only one playing (even tho' that's not the reality of it). One unique thing was hearing someone (Billy) "scatting" in the background... neat, 'coz it reminded me of some of the way-early albums I hear Roland Kirk play on. Extended listening reveals that what's really goin' on with this group is a kinda' "circular solo", in which each instrument take a brief solo stint & eventually passes it back to Pierce. Would I classify it as improvised music? Nearly; tho' it treads closely around the flagpole of conventional jazz. From THAT perspective, it is an EXCELLENT musical experience that many "straight" jazzheads will fall in love with immediately. If you're looking for genuinely high-energy improv, this gets a RECOMMENDED rating from me. -Rotcod Zzaj

Creative Improvised Music Projects
The Cadence Building
Redwood, NY 13679


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