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Rhodri Davies, harp
Mark Wastell, violin & cello
Simon H. Fell, double bass


Those who fell in love with improvised music a long time ago will find this string-based trio's CD a delightful example of how intricate the weave can get. Much like a sonic tapestry, it's nearly impossible to escape the multi-threaded layers & moods once you start the music. Fell's bass work clearly provides the foundation layers, with Wastell & Davies adding the dancing shadows and light to a provide a most enchanting aural vision that even the novice listener can enjoy. As you might imagine, I've "seen" many of these aural works over the last 30 years of improvised music... this stands out as an experience that will become an "instant improvised classic"! Impressive enough to rate a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from this reviewer. If you're looking for something to educate the unenlightened with, GET this CD. Rotcod Zzaj

Bruce's Fingers
24 Chauntry Road
Haverhill CB9 8BE


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