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August 10, 2001

Review of Tatsuya Nakatanišs, Green Report 9 recorded at Studio 234 in
Cambridge, Mass April 4, 2001
38 minutes

Drums are not always percieved as tonal instruments but in the hands of
Tatsuya Nakatani they can add orchestral brilliance to any group. This solo
percussion however, stands on its own as Mr. Nakatani draws out every
register and timbre on his set. I am compelled to follow the length of each
phrase, alerted by sudden rolls and changes of sound. I imagine the
placement of instruments within this solid architecture and can feel myself
dancing within its space.

Tatsuya Nakatani is a methodical musician concerned with the development of
an idea in time. His beginnings are arresting; his endings are satisfying.
The right duration and variety of events are fully charged with a visceral
intensity that can captivate a true listener. Ideas move slowly and are
sustained into rapid motion, rolls, and varied sounds with whole sections
of bells, gongs, and singing bowed cymbals. At times the drum set is reduced
to just a few sounds like a single bounce of a stick floating before it
falls. All this hits me like a vibrating temple of metal - a sense of
vastness in a small room, and the variety of sounds Mr. Nakatani derives
from the cymbals is suprising. The music is clear. This CD merits close
listening. It will purify any space.

- Eric
Zinman -


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