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HV West

Charles Peris, sax & flutes  Bruno Steffen, piano 

Herbert Kramis, bass  Mark Huber, drums


This is THE best jazz/improv quartet I've heard in 2000!  It's not just that their groove is tight (which it CERTAINLY is)... it's because they are able to paint brand new horizons in each & every composition (while staying clearly in the realm of "music").   Charles Peris flute playing (probably) has a lot to do with that, but all 4 musicians show themselves to be fully accomplished & sensitive to their surroundings.   Don't let that keyword (sensitive) give you the impression that they can't "improv", though.. Track 4, "Big Bang", tho' very short (1:10), & the title track, "Zunder",  show just how stellar & free they can be!   Exceptional recording, high talent & an abundance of energy blend to provide an album that reflects all the good things improvised jazz should be.  Bound to become a classic, this rates a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, without qualification.  

                                                           -Rotcod Zzaj

Unit Records
POB 53
CH-179 Lugnorre



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