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Josh Hanson, S.L. and Mike Lastra (Harmonium, guitar,cumbus, drums, percussion, bass, theremin, bird whistles, analog electronics, thumb piano).



Mostly drony grooves that sound vaguely middle eastern. The occasional odd time signature appears. This is what one friend of mine would refer to as 'idiomatic improvisation', or variations within a theme. Another friend called it rock music, and I'd agree. It's periodically rhythmic and repetative, though without any words, or even voices, to focus on. Spooky synth colors some pieces. I'd put it in the same bag as ŒUmmagumma'-era Pink Floyd, or those 70's German bands like Can/Amon Duul. Pleasant waking-up-in-the-morning-with-my-cup-o-joe stuff. I liked the final cut the best. Bird twitters with synth burbles and chords, treated thumb piano and reverberant strings. It feels like it's title, 'A Roomful Of Sun'.

                                                                                      jeph jerman


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