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Ye Shall Be Cut Into Many Pieces
Jeff McLeod

From the liner notes...

This CD is the result of an entire year of daily recording. Each day, no
matter where I was, I would record 10 seconds of something whether it was
a mini composition put together at home or a church bell ringing
in Madison, WI.

Jeff McLeod spent a month editing these 365 clips into the 19 pieces on this
CD which serves mostly as his musical diary. It is a diary of a man with lots
of 20th century angst. There is lots of industrial guitar here but there is
also lots of found sounds and musical culture kitch too. He also has on
hand some consumer percussion electronics, both consumer and 70's style
synthesizers, guitar fx boxes, a vocoder. I suspect that Jeff has a
lifetime of musical electonics collecting in his studio. This is not
something new for him.

It is a musical diary and it does have the feel of a year of human experience
but I hope that the diary metaphor is not too accurate. One of the clips
has a female voice accusing someone of cheating on her. One of the
pieces is titled "Kidney Stone."

I prefer the more meditative pieces on here. The theremin piece is my favorite.

The short vignette format is suggestive of movie soundtrack. In that vein, I
can describe this CD as a combination of action flick, sci-fi flick, thriller,
psycho-thriller, and war flick.

There is lots of testosterone here but I don't mean to imply that this is
juvenile. Oh, no. This is not boys the in garage with their guitars. This
is seasoned testosterone music.

But the music is not deconstructive which makes the CD's title misleading.
This is pure music collage. I like his alternative title better.
Again, from the liner notes...

One Huge Slab of Nonsense.

The Subversive Workshop
1629 Chateau Circle
Montgomery, AL 36106



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