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...quartet '98, trio '97...


James Wood (amplified small sounds, select metals, objects, radio, electronics),
Mark Collins (acoustic bass, objects),
Douglas Theriault (tabletop guitar, objects, tape, cracked electronics),
Matthew Sperry (acoustic bass, objects).


These guys are quick. Using mostly extended techniques, or invented instruments and fast reflexes Kagel create an updated version of the "fill in all the gaps with tiny details" style of improv. Individual events,
created from myriad small parts, sit like islands in an archipelago of
sound. A string of surprises, and the only way I know how a lot of these sounds are made is because I've see these boys play live. Their music could be described as a bridge between improvised sound and musique concret, but why force 'em into a box? Even if it is a lonely receptacle...I know of others doing similar things with sound, but not with the finess and respect and, well, big ears displayed herein. If you're a fan of noise, of the old quickquick British improv, of musique concret or of just plain sensitive listeners playing as a GROUP, get this disc. 'Nuff said.And by the way, I know there are an awful lot of sound makers in the Pacific Northwest who play their respective asses off. When is someone going to get around to documenting all the hot shit coming outta Seattle and Portland?

jeph jerman

Douglas Theriault
9034 N. Edison St.
Portland OR 97203




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