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Henry Cow

Geoff Leigh, reeds & vox, Tim Hodgkinson, keys, alto sax, clarinet, vox  John Greaves, bass, piano, whistle, vox  Fred Frith, guitars, violin, viola, vox  Chris Cutler, drums, toys, piano, whistle, vox

I had listened to an old, OLD Henry Cow many years back & only remember an impression of "dirge", somehow.  This CD starts off with (what sounds like) an homage to "Jazz From Hell", titled "Nirvana For Mice".  Absolutely LOVED it... big-band rodent regalia!  Touches of "smooth improv" on cut 2.  There are some amazing vocal stretches on the last track, "Nine Funerals of the Citizen King", in a very orchestral meandering through modern rock-op.  In the overall, this is a very interesting listen, certainly qualifying as a challenging listen.  Some excellent guitar works (especially on track 6)   & flow.  Energy levels weren't quite what I anticipated, ergo a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating.  Those in love with listening through an entire CD for the intricate nuances at one sitting will find it very enjoyable.  

                                                                               -Rotcod Zzaj


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