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Lune Rousse


Matthieu Michel (bugle),
Yves Massy (trombone),
Daniel Perrin (accordion, piano),
Pierre-Francois Massy (contrabass),
Marcel Papaux (drums).

Accordion, trombone and bass usher us into a landscape of smooth

composition. Sounds like music to accompany the credits at the beginning of

one of those late night movies I used to fall asleep not watching. (Comme

au Theatre). Then a circus errupts (Contine), and the effect is quite

jarring, the opposite of the previous tune. A wacky, repetitive head that

brings to mind Rocky and Bullwinkle (!). After the head we get quick soloing

from...that's a bugle? Or is bugle the French word for trumpet? Then

trombone, as little motifs from the head re-enter...and trade twos with the

drummer. The whole thing fades, lulling you into a false sense of finale,

then the head SHOUTS again and ends on a clipped cymbal crash.

"Nick Shadow" is very somber, and "La Complainte Du Triceratops' a greasy

sound poem with stumbling drums, and...Hey isn't that the tune from the last

piece? These are very definitely compositions, with improvising playing a

lesser role. The band has a great smooth sound and the players are all

talented and practiced. But... In between the first and second paragraph of

this review, I went to the corner store, and my car stereo was playing music

exactly like this, courtesy of our local Jazz station. In fact, the two

musics were so alike that for a few minutes I thought I was listening to the

CD still. I suppose these guys should be getting airplay any day now.

                                                                      -jeph jerman

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