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M’ Lumba vs. Kobalt 6

Spinning Tourists in a City of Ghosts

Rob Von Roy, Ron Banji, Kurt Leege


M’ Lumbo reminds me of White Noise, a doozy electronic band of the mid-Seventies that combined a vague pop sensibility with the lazy, ambient sound of far-off radio stations fading in and out of your tuner. They anticipated a lot of rave stuff by 15 years, not to mention 80’s electro pop. The best stuff here, such as "The Soul Exchange," is that kind of thing at its best. Some of it does, however, succumb to the boredom that can creep into those shifting stations. At times it sounds like a logical outgrowth of the Beatles’ "Revolution 9," although here there’s not as much affinity with conventional musical sense. If folks are tired of the easy listening music that characterizes so much of rave and techno, this is where they may want to go. Happy landings to them.
                                                             -Richard Grooms

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