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Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!   I haven't laughed so hard in months... "sense compared to what"?   This little CD from Australia features some of the most original (aboriginal) improvisations & vocal integrations  I've heard in quite some time.  This is that improvisation you can't label, can't pigeonhole, can't equate to anything else you've heard.  If you were flying on pink-dot or some other variant, you'd picture yourself being eaten by monkeys in the deepest, darkest outback you could ever imagine.  OTOH, if you were stone cold sober, this would GIVE you nightmares!  This is EXACTLY the kind of music that should be played in classrooms throughout the world... those with political aspirations wouldn't have a CHANCE of survival if our kids were raised in this level of freedom & enchantment.  I kept waiting for Jeffrey Morgan to pop in there with a section of "Little Farts", but it never came to be.  Anyway, this gets a MOST MIGHTILY RECOMMENDED from me for those with a true thirst for original improvised music.  Just SUPERB!!!    -Rotcod Zzaj

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