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Riot Trio

James Rohr- piano
Nate Mcbride - bass
Curt Newton - drum set


This CD is (without ANY doubt) the BEST piano-based improv (they call the pieces "collective compositions", which is a very apt description) I've heard in YEARS! Rohr's piano is a MONSTAH'... reach right out & grab hold of yer' head & won't LET GO... but it's totally qualified playing, clearly based on more than (just) "ear training". It's a '97 release from "Universal Spleen" records, & unfortunately didn't list any direct contact information (other than a phone number for James, 617-734-4908 (which I personally verified & also got an e-mail for James, which is Even on the slower pieces (like "Milque Toast Molto Grosso"), there is a energy surge that will carry you to musical highs you never imagined! Lots of tension & release, expertly played by all in the trio. This will be considered a classic in the Zzaj camp, a DEFINITE keeper that merits our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, without qualification. Rotcod Zzaj

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Beverly Hills, CA 90213


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