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The music on this CD will infatuate some (I'm among them) & infuriate others (those who don't recognize electronics as a valid format for improvisation yet). In from Deutschland, there is a strange assemblage of sonic oddities indeed. 18 tracks, various moods (as you might imagine with that amount of toonz) and aural adventure for everyone! Track 8, "Special Fire Mix", was especially attractive to my earz'... uses heavy metal sounding thingies to achieve an almost orchestral outing. If you're looking for horns, piano or any instruments in the "normal" sense, you'll have to seek elsewhere - but this is NOT just another "noise attack", either. Clear sense of focus with the same intensity I've heard on hard be-bop improv, or fretboard antics by the masters, yet composed enough that it doesn't come off sounding like amateurs gone insane on a case o' Casios. I'm more than impressed, & for those who aren't afraid to bite off a bit more in the way of wierd than they may be able to chew, this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Rotcod Zzaj

Guinter Schroth
Muhlgasse 31, 60486
Frankfurt/Main, Germany



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