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Henneman Strijkkwartet

Mary Oliver (violin viola),
Ig Henneman (viola),
Tristan Honsinger (cello),
Wilbert de Joode (double bass)

Unclear whether these are compositions or improvisations. Or maybe a bit of both? These pieces veer between strictly 20th Century composition-sounding to almost jaunty little bits of ditties that crop up unexpectedly in the midst of more atonal blasts. Some of it sounds quite old, ancient even.

There's even a bit of 'eleven year old practicing on a Sunday afternoon' type stuff. All interwoven in an artful manner. Im not much of a fan of string quartet music, but this CD really pricked my ears. Even with the sameness of sound over the length of the disc, the twists and turns keep it interesting.

                                        jeph jerman

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