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Pierre Favre (Percussion)


Solo percussion miniatures (the longest is 7 minutes), that more often than not concentrate on one small section of Favre's immense Kit. Melodically.

Small motifs are stated and varied, ocassionally interrupted by a new sound/new motif. Gamelon orchestras and John Cage's percussion music both leapt to mind while I listened. 'Stampede' is a favourite. Is he playing all that at once? 'Yellow' begins with, what is that, spinning coins on the heads? Now we're talking! Segue into rolls on bells, a giant chord building by single increments, until it's hail on the brass roof. Breaks with a cymbal fade and dripping tube drums. (I really wish I could see his drum kit better. ) At times asian, at others european echoes sound here.

Having never heard Pierre Favre's music before I wasn't sure what to expect. And at times I admit I wish he'd just FLAIL a little, but I can't help but like this little disc.

Yes, I'm a sucker for solo drum records.

                                                    jeph jerman

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