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Improv 04


Scott Bazar 

Live Concert Review
New South Books 5-19-04

            by Kenny Johnson

       Hair and pieces of metal are flying.
Cables charmed like snakes dance to computer-like gibberish.
Musical flurries accompany disjointed animation
behind one man, two amplifiers and a Mission Control of sound effects.
You see lots of crazy things in the South.
Watching the Panama City, Florida guitarist Scott Bazar live
is one of those crazy, but impressive things.

        Scott has been playing and performing for 20 years.
He evolves,  influenced by rock, minimalist composers
like Fred Frith and his parent's poetry, painting, and associations
with musicians like Frank Zappa.
He has developed a unique creative voice in a region
not known to foster his form of expression.

        The performance with experimental film and solo guitar is
visually and sonically mesmerizing. Guitar is recognizable by sight only.
Sounds are quirky, rhythmically schizophrenic and musical.
From brain, hand and guitar come an experience that's texturally
complex and as confusing as a Freemason handshake.

 Scott Says, "Performing the film's soundtrack as soloist I try to keep shifting
shapes (sounds)  every two to five seconds without stopping for the film's duration.
Sometimes repeating, and sometimes exceeding five seconds, depending, if mood dictates.
Otherwise,  the jerkiness of it all fits with the rough timing of my amateurish animation style."

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