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Hannes Clauss (drums)
Paul Hubweber (trombone)
Hainer Wormann (guitar)



Straight-ahead, well maybe not. Did I hear a quote from "Strangers In The Night"? I guess that means anything goes with these three. Spastic intro to quiet click and scrape to trading threes, a bit of a riff, traded around. I like the drummer a lot. Very quick, nice sounding kit. They often slip into a conventional trio format, lead instrument with backing, but they're not exactly playing standards. Also a lot of "you do that, now I'll do this, now he'll do the other" playing. The longest track (30'37"), goes through quite a few permutations before ending in a more or less perfect place. Flirting with rhythm, but only for the briefest of moments, and the guitarist plays straight into his amp, using only his fingers to get those odd sounds. They do a bit of the quickquickquick, which I enjoy immensely.  

                                                    -jeph jerman

Hybrid Music Prod.
ebelstr. 7
35392 Giessen



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