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Altri Suoni



Sort of a "best hits" album in from this label in Switzerland. Nineteen cuts in a variety of styles, some improvised, others leaning more towards more standard jazz. There are some WONDERFUL pieces on here.. a favorite (for me) was "Le Menagerie de Poche", which features some high-end (& high energy) flugelhorn by Matthieu Michel... it didn't last "long enough", but it was a real treat. There are also several pieces that have excellent percussion on them (track 1, "Sticks & Mallets" is a good example). Each of the cuts is (apparently) from a separate album from the label... this would be an excellent way to find out if a particular album was worth buying. While I didn't find a lot here that would delight the "pure" improv fanatic, there is some RICH music on this CD - it gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who want diversity & a taste of "the new" in their musical adventures. Rotcod Zzaj

Altri Suoni
POB 804, CH-6962


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