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Son Para El Che


Actis  Band

Carlo Actis Dato (tenor and baritone sax, bass clarinet) Massimo Rossi alto and soprano sax)
Antonio Fontana (guitar)
Federico Marchesano (acoustic and electric basses)
Dario Bruna (drums)

 Rocky, jazzy, riff-laden ...LOUD, man I'll bet this band is LOUD live. Manic sax solos over bass and drums, softmachineinthesahara or maybe a cartoon of the sahara. Now the guitarist solos with plenty of effects and distortion, interrupted by blaring horns and bashing drums....short repeat riff and out.

The next piece (AKumo) is intricate, reminds me a bit of New York, then turns a corner into straight swingtime unison lines, all cool and smooth. I keep being reminded of other records, which isn't neccessarily a bad thing.

ŒTatu' rocks like a boulder on a sharp point, and stops periodically for odd asides, like directing your attention elsewhere. Riff, riff, riff ..."The Last Blow"  kinda sounds like you'd imagine an Italian fusion band would sound, like maybe these guys broke out of a Fellini movie dragging Nino Rota on a rope. I like it, but not everyday.

                                                        -jeph jerman

Splasc(h) Records
via Roma, 11
21051 Arcisate

Carlo Actis Dato
via Boglietto, 7
10035 Mazze (to)
Tel./Fax: +39-011-9830236



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