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Herb Robertson - trumpets, voice, flugelhorn, soprano posthorn, various toys & whistles
Dominic Duval - bass, prepared bass
Jay Rosen - perc, whistles, voice

This CD starts off with a bass-centric comp that provides a relaxing transition to the first horn lead piece. Robertson's trumpet playing is SOLID, without (in any way) being overbearing. The percussion that Rosen plays is somehow "sneaky"... very unobtrusive - you don't even realize it's there until 3 minutes (or so) have gone by. This cut, "Deep Purple", is a beautiful bluesy thang that made me (immediately) think of my younger years, roamin' th' downtown Strasse in Frankfurt, lookin' for trouble. The range of musical moods they carry you through is MOST impressive, enhanced by the fact that their communication levels (between themselves as they play) are at ASTOUNDING levels. All the way from that blues-based thang I mentioned earlier, to "deep" improv, to the lead-out on track 9, "Mom, Food, Then Rio" (nice Latino trek)! It will only take one thorough listening to realize that their plan is to WRAP you in their sound & not let go until you've REACHED nirvana. A thoroughly enjoyable experience from a very talented trio. Gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us!                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                -Rotcod Zzaj

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