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Maurice Magnoni - “SskieS”


Maurice Magnoni - Saxophone, flutes

Christy Doran - Electric guitar

Claude Jordan - Flute, electronics

Herve Provini - Drums


“Improvisation is the keyword to this music, though it may not always sound like it.  Improvisation to me is a deliberate act, not a matter of aesthetics, not a matter of style either.”   - Magnoni


Improvisational jazz moving from a mainstream sound, with some ambience, driving guitars, sometimes noise and heavy jazz flavors throughout.  Good improvisational music at times but tends to be repetitive.  Judge for yourself. - Robin Taylor


CONTACT: Altrisuoni: Casella Postale 804,CH-6962 Viganello, Switzerland, Tel-Fax + 41 91 605 42 21.  E-mail:,



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