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Time Stories
David Moss (drums, voice, percussion, electronics),
Heiner Goebbels (piano, keyboard, sampler),
Catherine Jauniaux (voice), |
Hans Peter Kuhn (sound artist),
Koichi Makigami (voice, mouth harp, conch shells, paper),
Christian Marclay (turntables, LPs),
Phil Minton (voice),
Frank Schulte (Turntables, LPs, Samplers, electronics)

David Moss's records have always struck me as weird and wonderful, and this one is no exception. Featuring duos between Moss and each of the above players, the pieces are grouped into loose catagories, (Chronicles, Cliffhangers), for added amusement.
An earmark of good music for me is that I easily forget who, or what I'm listening to. It has no overarching agenda and no political affiliations. This CD bears all those merits. Each piece is completely different from the one before or after it. Cheesy rhythmic ditty gives way to squeaky voices and background clanking, joined by vocal drone/loop and scattered drumming.
Either all these people know each other very well, or they're just adept at picking just the right sound. I think my favourites are the duos with Makigami. 'Specific Tongue' has jaw harp and mutter-singing, accompanied by a drummachine beat. 'Shadowmmen' has the two shadowing each other with their voices, a sort of mock declamation in song. Or maybe a clipped and re-ordered opera, condensed into one minute and fifty five seconds.
All of the duos on the CD held my attention, and each served up surprises, even on second and third listening. I'd say if youčre into any of these people, check it out. Additionally, the liner notes promise a live CD in future...David?
                                                            -jeph jerman
Intakt Records
P.O. Box 468
CH 8024 Zurich


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