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VAZEN VOL (vases full)


The Schismatics


Jodi Gilbert, vocals Beatrice van der Poel, vocals Han Buhrs, vocals, percz Maartje ten Hoorn, violin Frank van Berkel, bass


The group title pretty much says it all... if you're not schizoid when you first start listening to this - you WILL be by time it's ended! 11 cuts of strong vocal work integrated with orchestral string sounds... tho' they're (mostly) in another language (Dutch, I believe, perhaps a lil' German mixed in), you'll clearly understand the intent. This kind of improvised vox & spontaneous pandemonium won't be everyone's cup of tea - it requires a little insanity. On the other hand, this is FUN music... I enjoyed the heck out of it. Doubt this will ever make "prime time", even on stations that feature improvised music, but it certainly rates a RECOMMENDED from us (especially if you enjoy music that features vocal madness) Contact at Vaalser Str. 94, 52074, Aachen, Germany, Rotcod Zzaj

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