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Another Shining Path

Ye Ren

Gary Hassay (alto sax),
William Parker (bass),
Toshi Makihara



"the highest level of logic is the lowest level of magic"

                                                             -William Parker

"...(my) intention/aspiration is to become music rather than to
produce it."    -
Toshi Makihara


Both of these quotes, from the liner notes for this cd, seem to sum up a lot about the sounds on it. Sound that is conjured, second to second, where anything can happen, and frequently does. Hassay weaves lines and stops to ponder them simultaneously. Sparks and harmonics both fly from Parkerıs bow and Makihara keeps popping little bells and bangs in just the right places. It is a great rolling enveloping unfolding THING, and Iım awfully glad to be along on the ride.  It does sound to me like logic is not the motivation here, as it seems to be with much music.  But magic does abound, in the flowing out of sound, abetted by the attention each player is paying. To my mind, this is what  improvising is all about. No one is taking the center stage here, but they're all three exploring together, hands on their instruments, hearts in the spirit. Odd sounds and tonalities are brought out, always carefully, and no one pushes too hard. Can you tell that I like this disc a lot?

          I'd like to single out Toshi Makihara for a second, if I may, because he is largely unknown and undeservedly so. I have seen him perform a few times and I'm always amazed and delighted by his playing, his sounds, his MUSIC. If you get a chance to see him play, please don't miss out. I'm glad that there is a disc like this to hip folks to his drumming.

                                                            -jeph jerman


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P.O.Box 69044
Hampton, VA 23669



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