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The Zero Hour - “Departure Of One”


All guitar, bass, vox, percussion, drum programming by Robert J.


“Darkness within darkness.  The Gateway to All Understanding.” ...TAO


SEX - got your attention?  If so, you will probably like this CD.  The feel is dark, moody and at times slinky.  Just picture a hybrid of Julee Cruse, Chris Isaak and Nick Cave.  Winding through driving guitars, crooning, acoustics, echoing and the list goes on.   I like #9 the best - “you make me feel, like I feel, when I’m with you.”  All in all this is a good CD.  I personally think David Lynch should check this guy out for his next movie soundtrack. - Robin Taylor


Rude Dog Records

P.O. Box 27221

Tempe, AZ 85282-7221 USA


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