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Keith Nicolay - guitars
Sabir Mateen - tenor sax, clarinet
John Burgos - synths


There's never been any doubt (in my mind) that Nicolay is the mayor of wack-city! He first started sending me review material in the early '90's, & I (in the strictest sense of improvised musics) it FILLED THE BILL! This outing is just as outrageous as you'd expect, but it shows a growth often unfulfilled in groups/artists of this nature. Any good improvised session demands random, & that's delivered up in doses that are probably ILLEGAL in most states. The maturity is displayed in a very relaxed approach to the music - no dead space, stays thoroughly engaging, but the pace clearly illustrates the kind of familiarity and sensitivity needed to paint sonic images (somehow, tho', I don't think you'll see TOO many Jamaicans dancin' to THIS beat). This music is, for lack of better words - almost accessible… meaning that it's still clearly improvised, but laid-back enough for even the uninitiated to enjoy. One of the most enjoyable phreak sessions I've ever listened through… & you MUST listen all the way through it! Gets my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating.

                                        -Rotcod Zzaj

c/o R. Keith Nicolay
1953 65th St, Apt 2E
Brooklyn, NY 11204


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