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Natura Naturans

Dave Knott- stringboards of found wood and prepared strings


I’ve looked at Anomalous’ pan-label website a couple of times. And been impressed. It’s one of the most extensive avant records websites in the world, perhaps numero uno. A successor to NMDS, or Wayside Music. They have their own house label. So they’re welcome as heck. Knott’s guitar strings are fixed to pieces of wood and anchored with tuning pegs. He sounds like a one-man Harry Partch ensemble shattered, atomized even. Good in smaller doses; gets wearisome played at full length. Worth at least one or two listens, all you prepared instrument builders and Partchniks.
                                                        -Richard Grooms

Anomalous Records
PO Box 22195
Seattle, Wash. 98122-0195



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