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Carlos Bechegas/Peter Kowald

“Open Secrets, A Suite in 13 Parts”


Carlos Bechegas - Flute

Peter Kowald - Bass


In a murderous rampage this release begins with the flute all over the place;
the bass thumping right alongside.  As you get into the CD it moves to a slower,
torturous type of delivery.  Bechegas also lends a neo-scat vocal delivery at times,
along with a sound much like that of monks.  With Bechegas amazing overuse of the
flute and Kowald’s unorthodox playing methods on bass, they create a moving
interaction which is composed, yet abstract.  In Portugal where mainstream rules,
it is difficult to make this type of music, so you have to pay tribute to Bechegas in this creation. - Robin Taylor


Distributed/Communication (Helma Schleif)
F.M.P. - Free Music Production
Markgraft-Albrecht-Str. 14 D-10711 Berlin Germany

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Fon: +49-30-323 75 26 - Fax - 49. 30. 324 94 31

Forward Records - Carlos Bechegas
Ph: 351. 21. 3531008 - Fax 21. 317 1356



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