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Real Time

DeChellis, Tomasic, Nakatani Trio


The three tracks on this 69 minute CD come from a 1998 concert at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

Daniel DeChellis plays a wandering piano that is known to span all the piano's keys and very quickly. He is not shy about cluster chords and strange intervals.

To my ears, Philip Tomasic plays a Bailey influenced electric guitar. He knows where the wammy bar is and what it's for. He can also throw in a little slide technique and some banjo style picking too.

Tatsuya Nakatani plays an explosive trap set but also knows how to make good use of silence. Periodically, he throws in some exotic percussion instruments to good affect. I could be wrong but I think that both Tomasic and Nakatani sporatically use bows too.

The music is compulsive and vibrant. True to its name, it does not appear to be edited. Their style is experimental but there is minimal "down time" between experiments. They are not performing the same experiment over and over. Their music makes new discoveries as it progresses through each nexus; reverent, trans-personal, mystic.

They also make good use of dynamics. In short, Real Time is on target.

                                         -Glenn Engstrand


Sachimay Records
8 Webster St.
Medford, MA 02155



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