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Unamunos Quorum

Edgar Loutit, Mark Lewis, Lily Bancovich, Sjaak de Jong, Julie Drysdale. (voice, etc.)

with: Harry Williamson (synthesizer), Robert Calvert (saxophone), Rob George (percussion)


Now here's something I don't hear everyday. A group of vocal improvisors,

accompanied on a few pieces by instrumentalists who blend in seemlessly.

They sound wordlessly in a myriad of ways, sometimes constructing invented

languages that somehow always remind me of Europe. Many pieces (I hesitate

to call them songs), are rhythm-based, with a single person declaiming or

wailing or sighing on top. (Is that the Robert Calvert from Hawkwind? Where

has he been?). Tacked on to the end of the CD are various out-takes/false

starts/goof-ups that, to my ear, sound almost rehearsed. Judging by the

liner notes, a lot more goes on in one of their performances than meets the

ear. The photos look very theatrical or "performance art", and there are

quotes from Hugo Ball, Artaud, Kazuo Ono, and a mention of John Stevens as

an influence. Quite a blend.

                                                                  -jeph jerman

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