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Trad Corrosion


Gebhard Ullman (bass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxes, wood flute),
Phil Haynes (drums),
Andreas Willers (electric and classical guitars, electric sitar, prepared guitar).



Three names unknown to me until now, and I must confess I was prepared to not like this disc, based on certain personal prejudices about CD artwork. In future I think I'll just listen and not look right away, as I was pleasantly surprised. 19 mostly short (under 4 minutes) pieces that go in many directions. As all of the titles have only one writing credit, I'm assuming that these are loose compositions in which a lot of improvising takes place. Right now my favourite is 'Princess'. Written by stringster Willers, it starts with a drony sitar figure that stops and starts, accompanied by soft brushes on the drums and a single note ³beat² from the bass clarinet, that becomes a simple melody and then opens into a tricky fast little riff, before halting and slowing back down. In the middle we get buzzy noises and then a quiet solo from the sitar, and than a return to the theme.

On the whole, the music here presented is on the quiter side, especially for a drums/reeds/guitar trio. It sometimes skirts the edges of jazz, reminding me for short periods of John Abercrombie. The instruments take turns being the dominant voice, and change of direction is fairly frequent, bith traits I admire.

Now, about that cover art...

                                                  -jeph jerman


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