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Barre Phillips (contrabass),
Bertram Turetzky (contrabass),
Vinny Golia (Eb, Bb, bass & contra-bass clarinets, soprano & baritone saxophones, suonas)


Very solid landscapes conjured up by these three. Follow the leader, or we're all the leader, or...some space for short solos and much attentive listening. Some attempts at inventing lines or themes are circumvented, to good results. Storytime in the nursery or a dark tale around the campfire, it's the same story to the trio. The parts I like the most don't go on long enough and leave me waiting through the sing-songy stuff to get to more ear-pulling. That's just me though, and when I remind myself that I should maybe just listen, I enjoy it all. The singers, the song and the sounds that they are sounding.

jeph jerman


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