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Two Gentlemen In Verona


Fred Frith (electrified guitars, voice, jetsam)

Chris Cutler (drums, electrified drums flotsam)


The very beginning sounds for all the world like thunder, to which is soon added a wavering electronic wobble and strechy guitar....they're back. If you've heard either of the other two live discs by these two, you'll probably still be surprised. I was. Much more vocalizing from Fred this time out. And Cutler seems to lean heavily on the electrified end of his kit. If you've not heard these venerable old men yet, I suggest you take heed and prepare to have your ears pricked repeatedly. They run the gamut of string and skin and circuit w/o ever sounding like anyone else. Or maybe sounding like EVERYONE else all at once. Even bits of song-form appear and slink back into the mist about their knees. Sometimes it's hard to believe that this is just two people.

T'would that I could witness them in the flesh some day, I could die a happy man.

                                                -jeph jerman

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