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WABI Down Home Blues Project Band 
“The Best Things In Life Are Still Made By Hand”


Seiji “Wabi” Yuguchi - Vocal & Harmonica

Hiroshi Egushi - Double Bass

Yoshiyuki Mizuno - Guitar

Steve Cushing - Drums

Minnoru Maruyama - Guitar

Tadao Hosonuma - Guitar


Recorded on 3.5.00, 3.12.00 and 11.26.00, this release offers some good ole swamp boogie blues by a mostly Asian band.  As good as anything you might hear in the Delta, these guys know how to get down and you will find yourself dancing around, or at the least tapping your foot.  Most of the songs are upbeat for your boogie-ing pleasure, but a few are slowed down to lend more of a swamp feel to the CD.  The harmonica takes the lead in many songs, but at times the guitar takes over.  Wabi also lends great vocal delivery to top it all off.  Every song is good and that makes for an good CD for all.  Need to hear more from this band - Wail On! - Robin Taylor


Asian Improv Records
814 Mission St. Suite 602
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 877.243.3774


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