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W.O.O. Revelator -


The eight tracks on this 56 minute CD come from two gigs in the downtown New York scene. Their style is classic "machine gun" with Bonnie Kane on sax, flute, and efx. The liner notes also list her as the leader.

Chris Forsyth plays electric guitar and Ray Sage is on percussion. 

For the most part, the pace is fast and furious. The slower pieces start out fluttery and reverberous then build into fullblown cacaphony. Words that come to mind are screaming, wailing, and crashing. Overall, I hear more noise than notes, but not all of the pieces are like that.

I imagine that they are channeling lost souls from hell. Leave your eardrums at the door.


W.O.O. Direct  
P.O. 249 Knickerbocker Station
NYC, NY 10002-0249



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