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Improv 04


Steve Nelson-Raney:   saxophones, clarinet,                                                   shakuhachie,    ocarina
Hal Rammel: musical saw, triolin, bass drum, amplified                                                                    sound pallette


1. arriving 2. scrutinizing  3. muttering  4.  carving 
5. ruffling  6.  painting  7.  arching  8. drawing 
9.  rolling  10. flexing  11. welding  12. breathing

1. eeking out, squeezing a thin tone with the interspersal of highlighted honks and bowed metal   2.  metal turns more conversational as saxophone becomes duck more animated 
3. wheezy winds and smallness, shakuhachie breathes and metal bows  4.   "thot thot" & saw, the simple language of musical recreation  5.   the smallness of highs   6.  the rolling of coaster winds  7.   night becomes  8.  a little special, 
9.  homemade  10.  Santa's workshop, 11.  musical meeting,
12.  voices in the dawning of a rainbow platter.

                                               -Marshun Cosmic

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