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Improv 04

Lucas Niggli and Sylvie Courvoisier



                                                                 Lucas Niggli - drums
Sylvie Courvoisier - piano



      This music immediately struck a chord of awe in me.  Grand sonorities consiting of single tones and after resonance, space and durations of resonances.  A sudden and surprizing wash as a cymbal splash becomes soaked with harmonic timbers.  Howlings from the piano, a wash of suspended metals, sustained intensity and resolve.  The abstractions become colors, events, expressions of the subtle bodies of the instruments resurrected with new voices, carefully and cautiously stepping into the next dimension. 
      The sheer beauty of this recording, the exacting precision of sustained time, every gesture is placed to sit alone in the spotlight of eternity's grand silence.
       I've hear nothing til now as fresh and colorful, as original, indeed turning a new era of musical mastery as the personal expression of the universe is divined through these musicians.  One of the most profound recordings of our time.

                                         -LaDonna Smith


Intakt Records
PO Box 468
CH-8024 Zurich






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