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Improv 04

Moon Dog Girl

Elliot Sharp guitar, 12 string guitar, baritone guitar, Hawaiian guitar, 6 string bass, bass clarinet, alto sax
John Kruth  mandolin, steel body mandolin, mandocello, flute, pennywhistle, lira harmonica sheng
Jonathan Segal violin, guitar, piano, mandocello, dulcimer
Attilla Engin  percussion, ektara, voice
Note for you aspiring bands:

      While it's artsy and hip to put out a CD with a generic art-based or blank CD into a jacket.  At this writing I was fearful that I would not be able to find the right cover jacket , so I'd know if I was writing about the same band I was listening to.  You know, I left the CD in the player for 2 days, and when I went back, I had no clue what it was. Please put your name or a title on the discs. Us reviewers get 100's of these things...and they do all look alike unless they are identified. -CC

       This CD begins with an interesting mix of instrumentation with a very active flute,  violin, drums and bass guitar in a spirited rock improv jam.  The 2nd cut opens more abstractly. At first I think the group is really going to launch some free playing, but it transitioned,   as the "intro" again became rock improv.  This one hinted of an irish feeling, but grew into a metalic overlay pretty quickly...
       This band is cool, creating improv jam always melding one style into another.  Some witty and jagged guitar along with the flute playing and violin make this improv a creative and downright interesting listening experience.   Most of this music, in rockband tradition, has beat orientation and is dancable.   I do like it alot.

                                              -Chaz Carpenter


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