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Improv 04

Sandbox Trio

Christian Heilman, Chuch Ehlis, Daniel Panasenko                       with Beth Custer


          From what sounds like an ominous opening of electronically processed thunderstorm grows a warped groove, developing elements, adding quasi electro-door slam, metal man, marimba qualities, grows a little boring too quick. 
The second cut was better with the haunting beauty of the clarinet.  The CD progressed with a further reference to the rock "dance beat,"  the prominent slam on beats 2 and 4 were completely irritating me juxtaposed against much free-er and more interesting rhythmic pallettes as the bass clarinet ventured in the low zone offset by a repetitive, but catchy phrase played on prepared guitar. 

        Rhythmic and groovy, Nocturnalis did posses a kind of late night rapport, evoking "brain dead" in a most provocative way.  I found this music to be moody and luscious.  It carried me almost into a dream state.  Rhythmic repetition soaring with chordalities and harmonic wavelike textures.  Most hypnotic.  An even blending of electronically generated wash and percussion with accoustic instrumental voices producing a lovely landscape ripe for the imaginary. 

                                                    -Chaz Carpenter

Daniel Panasenko
64 Brookdale Ave
SanRafael, CA 94901


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