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Improv 04

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Peter Schärli

Stella Rambisai Chiweshe  mbira, vocal
Dom Um Romao   percussion vocal
Burhan Oeçal  percussion
Leonard Ngwenya   percussion
Fredy Studer  drums
Hämi Hämmerli   bass
David Gattiker    cello
Glenn Ferris  trombone
Roland Philipp  sax, flute
Peter Schärli   trumpet, Flugelhorn

           This CD is a rare blending of African and European free jazz.  Whereas many "world music" based collaborations are just that, based on a particular ethnic sound, this CD by contrast is completely authentic.   The mbira and darbuka lure the listener into the mood of the CD with kalimba like rhythmic form, a sharp and yet warm trumpet pierces the texturhythm, but yet belongs.  There is a continuation as African beats, voices, and native instruments are melded with the free jazz excursions of the Europeans.  At one point, what was an engaging melodic excursion transfers and becomes a startling eurojazz meltdown.  The clarity of the trumpeter in relationship to the interactivity of the various instrumentations, some Swiss jazz, some African creates continuity throughout.  The interaction of the instrumental voices create conversation and segue the introduction of a talking voice.. (s)
         This is truly free music.  It is truly multi-cultural, the best blending of the worlds that I've heard.  Arresting African percussion mixes with uncompromised euro-"big"-band free-jazz,   There is nothing like this in American free improv. There is a signature European quality. It's about life, moments, places, consciousness, exchange.  This is GREAT music!

                                        -LaDonna Smith



Peter Schärli                       UNIT Records
Aegerten 11                        PO Box 1474
CH-5742 Kolliken                   CH-8610
Switzerland                               Vox/Fax 01 942 22 63





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