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Improv 04

Both Kinds of Music                                   CD                                                                    

Misha Feigin with
Elliot Sharp on  dobro, Davey Williams - electric guitar, Craig Hultgren - cello, LaDonna Smith - violin, and Eugene Chadbourne - banjo, guitar

       This latest release by Misha Feigin is a compilation CD of high-spirited accoustic duets.  Feigin is well known for his singing, classical/folk guitar style, and Russian balalaika playing.  In each cut, he combines with the participating partners to create a very beautifully balanced collection of improvisations. Moscow born, virtuoso guitarist and singer, he demonstrates his own musical sensitivity and lyricism while mirroring and interacting within the styles of his collaborators without losing his own special style.
      Sometimes introspective, sometimes romantic, and even though sometimes lively and schizophrenic (with Eugene Chadbourne), a palatable and vibrant character emerges throughout.  Check it out! 
                                                          -Chaz Currier


Produced by Leo Records Laboratory.  

Contact: Misha Feigin
221 North Clifton Ave. Apt 31
Louisville, Ky 40206





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