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Improv 04


Pure Water Construction    Discus CD 11


Simon Fell: sampling, bass gtr., double bass

Martin Archer: sound processing, electronics, drum machines



Fell and Archer and many, many others too numerous to list combine improvs with compositions to the point where neither of those categories seems to have much relevance. That’s just fine. As the title suggests, this is decidedly industrial music. Or should I say the more fashionable word "soundscapes." If you were to walk through an active but peopleless factory and listen carefully… Well, you might occasionally think, "Wait, that’s not meaningless noise, there’s an intelligence behind these hummings and dronings and bleepings." And you’d be right. It sounds not quite like the machinery’s been left running, but that something is using the machinery to make its own noise. This cup of java’s too ahuman for me. If, however, you like the idea of the factory doing its take on what the humans do with the factory, then this is your ticket to the experimental shop floor.

Richard Grooms

PO Box 658
Sheffield S10 3YR