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Matt Turner; cello

This concert was recorded at the New Directions Cello Festival in 1997 at Storrs, CT. and represents Matt Turner as one of the great American cellists alongside the likes of Craig Hultgren, Doug Carroll and the late Tom Cora. He executes seven improvisations with a mastery over his instrument on every level: Deep gorgeous tone, impeccable intonation, beautiful melodic phrasing and an impressive vocabulary of extended technique. The first improvisation is breathtaking with aching, then soaring cello lines that illustrate why so many people claim the cello as one of their favorite instruments. Matt is one of those improvisers who carefully delineates an area of exploration and then launches a detailed exploration of just that direction. He never rushes nor succumbs to the unnecessary or extraneous diversion. He stays true on his course getting the most out of his instrument for that task. I have heard him before, usually with a trio he has with bassist Jeff Song and drummer John Mettam but the range he diplayed on this solo outing took me by surprise, especially the depth and maturity of his playing. As it stands, this rates as an important document of an major voice on the cello and its fun just to listen to him get around on the thing. An all around first rate listening experience and musical event.

Joee Conroy

This CD (STEL 1005) is available from:

Stellar Sound
834 e. Minor St.
Appleton,WI 54911
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