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Improv 04


Vex          OHM/AVTR009

Christof Migone, Michel Cote, Louis Ouellet

Gregory Whitehead          (Instrumentation not listed)



Improv pieces in honor of boho pantheon members Gilles Deleuze and Artaud. Also Satie, who’s not in that group (maybe because he didn’t advocate cruelty). I had to use the search button to see where these were going at times. Fast forward didn’t offer much illumination, though. The one above it -skip- may come in handy for some listeners. Rowdy puttering around the studio is what’s generally on offer here. This would be pretty okay accompanying a documentary about the first two men. And it evokes the randomness of radio stations half heard late at night, but it’s not nearly as good as Cage doing that. It’s mostly something that accompanies a thing, not the thing itself.

 Richard Grooms


Ohm Editions
541 St. Vallier Est #4
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