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Whose forest?(CD)

Oliver Schroer and Stewed Tomatoes,
NOMA with Michael Ondaatje,
NEXUS, Cinnamon Sphere with Jin Hi Kim,
Ko Ishiawa, Handslang, George Gao/Lui, Tian-Hua
Richard Windeyer,  Wende Bartley, The Kavkasia Trio,
Sarah Peebles, Wang Zheng Ting, Robert Cruickshank,
Lori Freedman

Whose Forest is a compilation CD conceived by musician/activist Sarah Peebles as a vehicle for raising public awareness of the Ontario government's "Lands for Life" program, and it's potentially catastrophic effect on land usage in the province.  Some 40 musicians, jazz, and avant-garde artists from Canada and abroad came together in this compilation to protest the massive clearcutting of Canadian forests in upper Ontario.  A year later the legislation was passed, and a good deal of Ontario has been designated parkland in perpetuity, thanks in part to the efforst of the Partnership for Public lands (the recipient of all proceeds from the CD). It is possible that "Whose Forest" made a significant contribution to the process.  For updates on "Lands for Life" legisation, visit the Partnership for Public Lands site at: and the Ontario government site at
      Opening the CD are Oliver Schroer and the "Stewed Tomatos" in an awesome North American Indian inspired camp song which also incorporates string violect, lpulse drum, trumpet and trumpet cloud.  NOMA with a spoken word poet Michael Ondaatje conducts a very expressive free improvisation from a large orchestra.  Environmental sounds and computer-interactive ambient music are introduced in Richard Windeyer's "Postcard from Oxbow Lake". Ishikawa Ko plays the Japanese Shoe on "Blue Moon Spirit, composed by Sarah Peebles.   The electroaccoustic "Sparkling Crystal Moistness" is a composition developed by Wende Bartley.  There is a traditional sacred chorale of the KAVKASIA Trio from Alan Gasser, Carl Linich, and Stuart Gelzer, who specialized and performed music from the Republic of Georgia. George Gao from Shanghai performs on erhu.  There is traditional folk music from Wang Zheng Ting.  "The Birds" performed by William Cahn by NEXUS, The Cinnamon Sphere with Jin Hi Kim on electric kommungo, electro-accoustic tape by Robert Cruickshank dedicated to "those who never set foot in tan unmanaged forest", and "So Fir Fell" was created especially for WHOSE FOREST.  Lori Freeman contributes a provocative bass clarinet solo entitled "Four Ways Home" and finally, "Silent Witness" was created by HANDSLAG which includes Rob Clutton -accoustic bass, NiLan Perera-guitar, and John Lenraed-voice.

      With such a variety of international music and creative voices, this CD holds its own in terms of substance, source, and creativity.  Very profound music to listen to, as it conjures many references of the sacredness and soul of the land.

                              -LaDonna Smith

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